Our People


Mr. Tan Cheow Tai is the Founder of the Silver Eagle Group. He is a pioneer and a visionary in the scaffold industry in Singapore. He has a strong penchant for the pursuit of safety and efficiency through the use of innovative solutions.

He was one of the first to advocate the use of metal scaffolds at a time when most would have scoffed at the idea, given the high costs involved. Mr. Tan would not be dissuaded as he understood that the increased safety and efficiency provided by metal scaffolds meant that it would inevitably be the preeminent form of scaffold in the future.

The group’s growth is owed in large to Mr. Tan’s acumen, his willingness to take risks, and his desire to live up to the expectations in regard to service quality and safety laid down by the group’s clients.

Alongside his current duties in advising the Chairman of the group, Mr. Tan is an avid golfer.


Mr. Jonathan Tan is the Chairman of the Silver Eagle Group. He is responsible for the administration and corporate governance of the group.

He graduated from the University of Tokyo. In recognition of his academic achievements, he was awarded the University of Tokyo – Daiwa Securities Scholarship, and the Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore Scholarship.

Mr. Tan is a certified Construction Project Manager.

In addition to his duties in the group, Mr. Tan volunteers in the North West Community Development Council, and is a passionate martial artist.