The Silver Eagle Group has provided scaffold services in the marine and construction sectors for close to half a century.

The group is comprised of the following companies:

  • Silver Eagle Marine Private Limited
  • Blue Marlin Marine Private Limited
  • Silver Eagle Construction Private Limited
  • Safe Scaffolding and Construction Services Private Limited

We firmly believe in the values of professionalism, safety, and efficiency, and have adhered firmly to these values for the entirety of our existence.

The Silver Eagle Group has been a pioneer in the implementation of many new scaffold technologies in Singapore. We were among the first to utilize metal tubular scaffolds, compliant with BS standards, during a time when most, if not all, Singaporean scaffold companies, were still utilizing bamboo scaffolds. More recently, we became one of the first Singaporean companies to introduce modular scaffolds which provide vastly improved structural rigidity, and consequentially greater load-bearing capabilities, and safety.

Our employees are trained to the highest levels possible, and we ensure that they are consistently reminded of the standards expected of them, and that their skills are continuously upgraded.

Our pursuit of excellence has been recognized by the various achievements we have received over the years from our clients, in both the construction and the marine sectors.

Please refer to the portfolio section, to view select examples of projects we have undertaken in our pursuit of the highest standards of safety and service quality.